Wine tellers

Password: innovation! Itinera Touristic Services provides quality service for the increasingly demanding clientele to keep up with the local and international demand that keeps updating daily.


Itinera’s “Wine teller” is a multilingual tour guide with a profound knowledge of wine world and sound experience of quality agricultural products, personal shopper of taste with technical skills in sensorial analysis and communication.


It is a professional which tells the story of wine and its land in an innovative way, making it more interactive and involving, more fascinating and playful.


We will tell you the story of the great wines of our land, its historic and naturalistic nuances, its artistic and enogastronomic aspects. Live a unique sensuous experience to discover what it means to “go through Langa”. Wine lovers, curious novices and sceptical teetotals … don’t wait anymore and let yourself be seduced by our great wines!!! 


Truffle judges (conosseurs)

We have over 20 years experience in accompanying enthusiasts, experts and the curious into the magical world of truffle: search for truffles, purchasing, food-truffle-wine matches.


Being experts in sensory analysis of the truffle, we strictly adhere to the rules of the quality card of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, issued by the National Center of Truffle Studies, the supreme body for the analysis and evaluation of this precious product of the Langhe land. In this way we can guarantee our customer further reliability and quality of the truffle. We provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure conscious purchase, giving you fundamental tools to evaluate and choose the best truffle so that you can purchase quality product to your personal satisfaction.


We introduce our clients to the art of sensory analysis as a useful tool that will allow them to become aware of their senses and emotions and use them effectively in describing this exquisite mushroom.


We can assist you in convivial dinners to create fun and jolly atmosphere, thanks to our enthusiasm, competence and passion.


The land of the legendary truffle is waiting for you!