Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders are dynamic, skilled, willing people with outstanding interpersonal communication skills. Each and every of them specializes on Italian territory, while some are experts in China, India, Middle East, South-East Asia and South America. Let yourself be guided by an expert to discover the marvels of the World to have an unforgettable vacation.


Tourist Guides

Our team totals 35 highly qualified professionals to accompany tourist around Piedmont. We speak the following languages: Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese.


70 % of all our tourists come from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, 20% from Italy and the remaining 10 % are from USA, UK, France, Spain and Japan, which totals 50 000 tourists a year.


Since 1991 we collaborate with the most important European Tour Operators, who back then were starting to explore the potential of the wine and food tourism in Piedmont.


Career enhancement: we always upgrade our qualifications through further career training, meeting with historians, art, wine, agriculture and folklore experts. Travel and literature: readings of extracts from the works of important writers: (Cesare Pavese, Beppe Fenoglio, Giovanni Arpino, Mario Soldati) helps a tourist to rediscover the landscape around him.


For a holiday in Piedmont it is possible to choose to visit an area (the hills in the Langhe region, the mountains, the lakes) or to follow a specific theme line (wine and food, art and landscapes, trekking). We will assist you with the choice of the optimal route.