About Us

We come forth to be your single reference point during conception, design process and arrangement of touristic services in Piedmont. Thanks to our multilingual staff, our services can be carried out in the main European and world languages.

As an incoming touristic services company we work together with tour operators, public institutions, private companies, and associations. Our services range from guided city visit and nature walking, to assistance for events, translations and interpreting. To learn more, check OUR SERVICES section.

We strongly believe in the importance of quality in every aspect of our business operations. Our strength is the ability to face unexpected events and last minute requests thanks to our flexibility and the professional competence of our team. It is our policy to conduct our business with the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism. We are committed to fulfilling customers’ needs and building long-term relationships with them. We listen carefully to our customers’ requests and we are able to offer them tailor-made solutions.


Apro Formazione Apro Formazione
ATL Asti ATL Asti
ATL Cuneo ATL Cuneo
Ente Fiera tartufo bianco d'Alba ATL Torino
Ente Fiera Tartufo Bianco d'Alba Ente Fiera Alba
fondazione banca d'alba Fondazione Banca d'Alba
Fondazione Ferrero Fondazione Ferrero
Barolo & Castle Foundation Barolo & Castle Foundation
ATL Langhe Roero ATL Alba Bra Langhe Roero
Fondazione Bottari Lattes Fondazione Bottari Lattes
Centro Studi Tartufo Centro Studi Tartufo