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Guided tours in Piedmont

Guide turistiche a Torino

As an incoming touristic services company, we’ve been working for the last 20 years with tour operators, public institutions, private companies, and associations. Our guided tours range from walking tours in the main cities of Piedmont to nature walking and cycling, from food & wine tours to guided tours at museums and temporary exhibitions.

Tourist Guides

Rely on our experienced staff to design your vacation theme and itinerary so that you may fully enjoy the local scenery, art and typical products. We can guide you through an unfamiliar territory, give advice, and highlight the beauty and cultural wealth of our land.

Remember that all tourist guides must have a license issued by the Public Authority. The license guarantees the Guide's cultural preparation and linguistic ability, it also ensures tourist safety and promotes sustainable tourism.

Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders are dynamic people with excellent organizational skills, physically and psychologically resistant to face any kind of stressful situation.

You can entrust your clients to us for a well-organized and carefree experience during group trips or individual excursions.

Outdoor Activities

outdoor in Piemonte

We’ve been taking responsible travels seriously and we believe traveling on two feet or two wheels is the best sustainable approach to travel. Our tours allows you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and learn about the culture of our land. Our outdoor activities are for those who want to live an authentic experience through a genuine contact with the territory, exploring alternative paths.

Naturalistic Guides

Our team of naturalistic guides is made of skilled experts of Piedmont mountains and of the unique culture that has developed around them.

Come to discover the incredibly wide variety of flora, fauna and scenery of the natural parks and protected areas of Piedmont. We can also accompany you around on a horseback so that you can fully live the beauty of the nature.

Bike Tour Guides

Our highly qualified and experienced bike tour guides make every type of excursion a unique experience. Our guides will be glad to provide information about our territory focusing on areas of environmental value and cultural heritage, in order to enrich your cultural understanding of our land. We provide our guests with dynamic and safe experiences cycling among beautiful locations.

We will plan together the right bike tour fit for your cycling ability and, if you don’t have a bike, we will provide you one! From comfortable city bikes & kid bikes to mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Wine and Truffle Experience

Tasting in Piemonte Innovation is our keyword! Itinera Touristic Services provides quality service for the increasingly demanding clientele to keep up with the local and international demand. New touristic professions such as wine tellers and truffle connoisseur result from the demand for experts on food and wine culture, in order to meet the need of increasingly aware guests.

Wine Tellers

This is a recently emerged professional specialization in the touristic field. A wine teller provides accurate and exciting information on territory and local agricultural products. Thanks to his knowledge, the wine teller combines the professional figures of sommelier, tour guide, wine historian, and sensory analysis expert.

Wine lovers will be fascinated by appealing wine tastings, sensorial games, and walks among the vineyards, guided by an expert storyteller of the enological world.

Truffle connoisseurs

We have over 20 years of experience in accompanying enthusiasts, experts and the curious into the magical world of truffle: truffle hunting, purchasing, food-truffle-wine matches. Being experts in sensory analysis of truffle, we strictly adhere to the rules of the quality card of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, issued by the National Center of Truffle Studies, the supreme body for the analysis and evaluation of this precious product of the Langhe land. We provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure conscious purchase, giving you fundamental tools to evaluate and choose the best truffles.

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Personal Shopper

personal shopper in Piemonte

Shopping… here we go again! Our experts will guide you through cool shopping venues and will offer valuable advice for buying high quality products made in Italy: design, fashion, wine, food and hand crafted items. We offer a customized shopping experience for our clients, selecting goods that meet their demands. Thanks to our personal shopper’s excellent communication skills and vast knowledge of products, trends and fashion, you’ll optimize your time and find exactly the products you were looking for.

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Event Services

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A unique event needs competent technical and logistic support as well as the participation of professional staff. Our Company manage and supervise any kind of event, meeting or incentive from the first step onwards.

We provide multilingual interpreters, translators, hostesses, stewards, and promoters. We also provide support for the organization of leisure time activities, logistic support and equipment.

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Written Translations

traduzioni in Piemonte

Whether you need to translate a flyer, a website or a menu, all you have to do to get a quote is send us an email. We provide fast, professional technical and general translations, notarized certifications. Thanks to the collaboration of professional translators we can provide translation services in various fields, such as technical, scientific, medical, commercial, touristic, etc. We are particularly skilled and experienced in translation of technical documents, letter correspondence, user’s manuals, patents and licences, advertising material (brochures, leaflets, web sites, etc.). Languages that we can translate to and from: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Japanese.


personal shopper in Piemonte

We boast a team of professional interpreters capable of providing various services. We can recommend you the type of interpreting which suits your event best: business meetings and talks, technical training courses, shows and exhibitions etc.

  • Simultaneous translation: extemporary translation at conferences and conventions.
  • Consecutive translations: for official business meetings with a specific theme.
  • Chuchotage: (from French “chuchoter” – to whisper) for events and meetings where there are only one or two foreign participants needing a translation.

Languages that we can translate to and from: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Japanese.

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Entretainment and Educational Activities

didattica in Piemonte

We organize unforgettable birthday parties, didactic meetings for schools, elderly and disabled citizens, customized by the creative genius of our skilled and resourceful staff having a vast experience in cultural mediation.

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Vocational Training and Language Courses

corsi di formazione in Piemonte

We have a long experience of providing business language courses to major corporate and public organisations. Our language courses are tailored to specific business requirements, ensuring that the training goals are met in the shortest time possible. We also provide teaching staff for vocational training for tourism professions.

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