Piedmont's World Heritage Sites

Piedmont's World Heritage Sites

Underground Cathedrals: the wine cellars of Canelli

During the short journey you ll’be able to admire the breathtaking vineyard landscape, UNESCO World Heritage territory. Visit to one of Canelli’s Underground Cathedrals, recognized as world heritage, which extend below the city and dug out from several levels in the tuffaceous hills, creating a striking environment, true masterpieces of engineering and architecture. In 1850 Carlo Gancia produced the first italian spumante in one of Canelli’s cathedrals. The town is famous throughout the world as “the spumante capital”. Here, in fact, is the most important production center of Asti Spumante, a prized white wine with a delicate and aromatic flavor. In Canelli’s territory, almost the entire spumante industry of Piedmont is concentrated, seat of the historical wine companies, considered one of the hinges in the Italian wine industry. The splendid historical center attached to the hill, is rich in picturesque glimpses and ancient splendor. It is dominated by a castle (1709), which today is property of the Gancia family. There are also many Baroque buildings, among them, the Parish of San Leonardo with its interior completely covered in frescos and canvases by Giovanni Carlo Aliberti from the early 18th century stands out.

Cella Monte’s wine architecture

A pleasant hiking tour among Monferrato hills were we’ll admire the incredible vineyard landscape resulting from the combined work of nature and man. The walking explores the surroundings of Cella Monte, a small village in the heart of the lower Monferrato known for its spectacular infernots and traditional buildings made of pietra da cantoni (malleable calcareous sandstones). After a short walk through Cella Monte where you’ll enjoy a panoramic view, we will reach the valley bottom and walk through meadows, vineyards and truffle grounds. Cella Monte is also home to the Ecomuseo Pietra da Cantoni (Ecomuseum of Stonework) which includes several “infernot” spred thoughout the area. Infernots are spectacular hand-dug caves typical of the Monferrato region that were used to store wine bottles. This interesting type of architecture linked to the wine-producing tradition allowed the Monferrato to join UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.

The majestic charm of Royal Residences

Having been the Capital of the Duchy of Savoy for three hundred years, Turin offers a rich choice of royal residences to visit. First of all, comes the Royal Palace with the apartments of the rulers or the newly restored Queen's Villa. However, to visit Turin means to discover at least one of the beautiful Savoy residences that surround the city like a crown. We begin the journey into life at court of the Savoy at Venaria Reale. The Reggia di Venaria offers its visitors the experience of an environmental and architectural unicum of extraordinary appeal, where history converses with nature. Besides the imposing Baroque palace with its gardens, the Borgo antico, the Parco della Mandria and the Castello as well as the Centro Internazionale del Cavallo (International Equestrian Centre) can also be toured at Venaria. Not far from Torino is the Castello di Rivoli, one of Europe’s main contemporary art museums. The Palazzina di Caccia (hunting lodge) at Stupinigi and the Castle of Moncalieri are also a part of this complex symmetry of panoramas. At the end of this tour of grand halls, sumptuous galleries, historic gardens and secular parks, the traveller will forever carry the memory of that sensation of having witnessed life at court during the Savoy reign and having experienced the splendour and customs of life at the European royal court.

The vineyard landscapes of Langhe

A panoramic tour in Langa of Barolo, immersed in a world of harmony and unspoiled nature, travelling along the roads and hilly paths amongst noble castles and vineyards, villages, tiny charming hamlets, gourmet restaurants and small local taverns. This land with a rich cultural and natural heritage joined UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. It is undoubtedly worth visiting the elegant castle at Grinzane Cavour, which overlooks one of the most picturesque landscapes of the Langa territory. Constructed around its central tower, the castle has been the home of the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese “Cavour” (“Cavour” Piemonte Region Wine Cellar) since 1967, a prestigious showplace of the most carefully selected wines and grappas from the region. Another charming hamlet included in our tour is Serralunga d’Alba, where we will visit the private estate of Vittorio Emanuele II King of Sardinia. The estate’s noble past is still evident at Fontanafredda today where you’ll have the chance to admire its extensive cellars and vineyards. The tour continues at Barolo, where the town and its wine are a single entity. Here we will visit the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo (Regional Barolo Wine Cellar) and the WiMu, the Ethnographic Oenology Museum; both hosted by the Falletti Castle in the town centre. To fully appreciate the most spectacular views of the Langa territory it is worth visiting Verduno, La Morra and Monforte d’Alba.

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