Castles of Piedmont

Charming Castles of Piedmont

Castles between Asti and Monferrato

Tour among the wonderful hills of Asti and Monferrato to discover ancient castles, beautiful landscapes and old traditions. The imposing castle of Montiglio Monferrato will fascinate you thanks to its interesting story and the complex architectural structure. At Passerano Marmorito we will visit the charming garden of the castle which is among the most beautiful historical gardens of Monferrato. The castle that dominates the town of Moncucco Torinese will offer you a breathtaking landscape while at the Castle of Cortanze we will tell you about the ghost of Viola Maria Galante dei Roero. Last but not least we will go to Piea to visit the “representative” halls of the castle, full of paintings, frescoes and original furnishings. The castle is famous for the fair “Il narciso incantato” (the enchanted narcissus) that every spring, between march and may, displays the great narcissus blossoming.

Castles in the district of Saluzzo

Tour among stately homes in the proximity of Saluzzo, the capital of a Renaissance Marquisate. Manta has a castle famous for its cycle of frescoes depicting "Heroes and Heroines" and, on the opposite wall, the "Fountain of Youth". Three are the castles that overlook the town of Costigliole Saluzzo: the Red Castle, (15-19th Century) with important frescos painted in the Renaissance period; the Castellotto, that during the 17th Century evolved from a fortress to an elegant stately home; and the first fort built in the area, the Castle Reynaudi 13-18th Century. In the city centre of Lagnasco we will visit the monumental complex of "Castles of d'Azeglio Tapparelli". Here we will admire the Hall of Shields adorned with a frieze composed of 167 heraldic shields and the beautilful frescoes. Another castle worth visiting is the Castle of Roccolo, in romantic neo-Gothic style. Queen Margherita used to spend her summers here, at the Castle of Marquis d'Azeglio, together with famous guests such as Silvio Pellico.

The Castle of Racconigi, among art and nature

The Royal Castle of Racconigi has undergone a comprehensive restructuring throughout the centuries. Several artist from different periods contributed to the transformation of the fortress into a royal residence, and we can clearly see it by observing its varied architecture that includes neo-gothic and neoclassical elements. The residence is completed by a large English-style park, which is the result of the long work accomplished, in the mid-Nineteenth century, by the landscape designer Xavier Kürten; in the north part of the park there is a large greenhouse and the ‘Margaria’ complex, both important architectural examples of the Gothic Revival. For nature lovers it is also worth visiting the Lipu Stork Centre in the great garden attached to the Castle, created to protect the white stork population that nests there. After the tour in Racconigi we will head to Savigliano. The heart of the city is the medieval Piazza Santarosa, with Middle Age arcades, the ancient Town Hall and noble palaces. Among the most interesting buildings it is worth mentioning the wonderful Taffini Palace from the 17th century which hosts the Múses, the European Academy of Essences; and the Muratori Cravetta Palace, wonderful example of the mannerist architecture.

The Ducal Castle of Agliè

Not far from Turin, towering over the green landscapes of the Canavese, there is a castle, originally a fortress, that has been transformed into a palace in the seventeenth century. The Castle of Agliè became then a favourite vacation spot of Carlo Felice of Savoy. It is the portraits of Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina to welcome the visitors into the hunting-themed living room decorated with stucco representing hunting scenes and overlooking the village. Charming is the Italian garden with elegantly shaped flower beds and fountains and statues that animate the garden alleys; unique glasshouses frescoed with grotesques preserve the countless plants. Agliè is famous for another stately home, Villa Meleto, the summer residence of the Italian poet and writer Guido Gozzano. The liberty villa has kept the original furnishings of the sittingroom, the writer’s study and the library, and still preserves the nostalgic memories of the poetic world of Gozzano.

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