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Castelmagno, a royal cheese

Castelmagno is one of the most unique cheeses in Italy; this semi-hard cheese is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) which has very ancient origins dating back to the 13th Century. We will have a tour at the Castelmagno Museum to see how this great cheese is made and you will have the chance to taste and buy it from the producer. Castelmagno is also the name of the village where this cheese is produced, here we will visit the ancient Sanctuary of San Magno, a magnificent example of an Alpine Sanctuary. The tour includes the town of Monterosso Grana, here we will visit the castle, the church of Madonna della Neve and other small parish churches. During the tour between these ancient hamlets we will admire beautiful landscapes and appreciate the genuine cuisine this valley offers, based on local delicacies such as dumplings with Catelmagno, Madernassa Pears, fruit jams, and handmade herbs liqueurs.

Acqui Terme: a tour among art and delicacies

Air filled with sulfuric vapors surrounds those who, strolling through Acqui’s historical center, find themselves walking around piazza della Bollente. The smell comes from the neoclassic newsstand set up in the center of the square, where the hottest and most ancient water from this thermal city gushes, re-baptizing the well-named Bollente (boiling) because the temperature never goes below 73 degrees Celsius. Acqui, however, doesn’t just mean well-being. The city is also a place full of historical buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Paleologi Castle, which houses the Archaeological Museum hosting a rich collection of pre-roman, roman and late medieval ruins. In the surroundings of Acqui we can visit Villa Ottolenghi, by Counts Ottolenghi - Von Wedekind, constructed shortly after the First World War and partially completed in 1953. The city is also a place where wine and gastronomic traditions from lower Piedmont and the Ligurian Apennines meet. The result is cooking that puts chocolate and first courses of ragu along side focaccia and stoccafisso with olives; but, above all, you can enjoy the celebrated wines from grapes cultivated from the surrounding hills: Acqui’s brachetto and dolcetto and Alto Monferrato’s cortese. An exhibition of the best bottles of local wine products can be found in the cantinas of the ancient Palazzo Robellini, the seat of Acqui Terme’s Enoteca Regionale.

The land of Raschera Cheese

The tour starts at Valle Corsaglia where Raschera was born, a PDO cheese (Protected Designation of Origin) produced in the Monregalese region. Here we will explore the impressive Bossea Cave, characterised by panoramic views of sheer walls and a picturesque scenery. In the valley we’ll have the chance to taste another interesting dairy product, the ”Bruss”, a grey cheese with a strong flavor. At Frabosa Soprana we will visit the ethnographic museum “Cesare Vinaj” which houses a miniature charcoal pile and several tools used by charcoal burners, as well as tools for hemp manufacturing, chestnut growing and milk processing. At Bastia Mondovì, where the red wine Dolcetto Dogliani Superior is produced, it is worth visiting San Fiorenzo Church, an authentic jewel of Gothic with an exceptional “Bible of the Poor” composed of 326 square meters of frescoes. At Vicoforte we will explore the baroque masterpiece dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is considered a national monument of faith and art. The Vicoforte Sanctuary is the largest elliptical dome in the world and between March and October it is possible to enjoy the breathtaking rooftop vista from the lantern.

Ceva’s genuine cuisine

A tour between the hills of the most authentic and uncontaminated part of the Langhe territory, where the most common activities are the breeding of animals and the production of hazelnuts “Tonda Gentile” (round and gentle). All these villages are renowned for their typical dishes based on mushrooms and local cheeses. Ceva’s old town centre, with its delightful arcades, the 14th century Guelf tower of Brolio and the delightful small theatre dating back to 1861, hosts every year the Regional Mushroom exhibition and market in September. This small town in the upper Langa region is not famous only for mushrooms but also for its chocolates “Cevesi al rum”, the high-quality beef, and several dishes made with potatoes chestnuts and cheese. The food tour includes a stop at Battifollo, a tiny medieval hamlet where it is possible to buy the traditional biscuits made with local products such as cereals, hazels, chestnuts and corn. Out last stop is at Montezzemolo where we will visit the museum dedicate to history of beekeeping.

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