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Turin and surroundings

Turin: between historical palaces and unceasing progress

A journey to discover Turin in all its beauty. The city has preserved intact the atmosphere of elegant Savoy epoch inherent in the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy. It’s the same atmosphere you can breathe in numerous historic cafés, between the local tailor shops, in avant-garde museums and in typically Italian happy hours. A walk in the old town will take us to the Church of S. Lorenzo, a Baroque jewel by Guarini, or to the splendid staircase of Madama Palace, the work of Juvarra. We will guide you through squares, majestic palaces and nineteenth century galleries. We will walk down the streets still bearing the aristocratic heritage of a capital, see the beautiful “fake” Medieval Village, inside the Valentino Park, a green oasis nestled on the banks of the Po River. It is also worth mentioning all the recent changes the city has undergone with the construction of the world famous Olympic Sites and industrial facilities converted into the complex of Lingotto. Not far from the city center we will also visit one of the Residences of the Savoy family jointly known as the “Crown of Delight” circuit.

Sacra di San Michele: A thousand years old monastery

The Sacra of San Michele is an abbey dominating the lake from the top of a cliff, built by talented Benedictine monks. Its stairs carved in the rock taking to the gorgeous Romanesque Door of the Zodiac and to the church with three naves are nowadays one of the symbols of Piedmont. At the bottom of the mountain there is Avigliana where we can stop for a short visit to the medieval centre or to walk along the maar lakes. Another location worth visiting is the Ranverso Abbey, one of the most famous monuments of the international Gothic.

The inspiring landscape of Coazze

Pirandello, the Italian playwright, poet and writer, spent the summer of 1901 in Coazze. He must have been impressed by the bell-tower in the parish church with its motto “ognuno a modo suo” (“each to his own”) as we can clearly see a connection with his play “Ciascuno a modo suo” (1924). The impact Coazze had on Pirandello’s work certainly has to do with the natural landscape that we can explore walking through the same wooded paths he walked. But you cannot visit Coazze without trying the famous “Cevrin”, a delicious goat cheese among Slow Food dairy Presidia.

The castles of Canavese

The Canavese area has a wonderful panorama of old hamlets, vineyards and fields near the Aosta Valley. Numerous medieval castles that conjure up the memories of the legendary King Arduin of Ivrea. The old pilgrimage route of the Via Francigena used to pass here; it went from Turin to Ivrea, the old capital of Canavese, and reached Parella, where there is another castle. Not far from Baldissero Canavese we can find the Cives Tower, a twelfth century tower overlooking the valley. Further on, there is Agliè, where in the upper part of the village, stands out unmistakable the castle and the park. Going through the Dora River we finally reach Caravino and the Castle of Masino, restored in the 18th century, which still preserves the great frescoed halls and the coat of arms of the Valpegra family. The tour includes food and wine tastings, you will try the “salam patata”, a soft pork meat based sausage, and the typical wines produced in this area of Piedmont such as Erbaluce and Rosso del Canavese.

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